Chimney systems Leier

Selecting of the Leier chimney is a deciding for optimum performance, reliability and security, which fully meets the high demands of today's construction. Leier chimneys, manufactured using the latest technology from natural materials, guaranteeing you and your family deserved comfort.

Advantages of chimney system Leier

Advantages of chimney system Leier

Complete chimney systemComplete system

When designing a chimney system Leier great attention was paid to the easy installation and simple operation. Single flue parts are designed to be mutually compatible. Leier chimney system solves all the details required for the fabrication of functional chimney, whether for inspection and cleaning vents, chimney termination of the chimney parts or for connecting different kinds of smoke. Each chimney is delivered assembled, package includes all the components needed for its construction (except masonry mortar). Professionally trained staff from our partners gladly recommend Leier chimney system to suit your individual needs of each customer.

Chimneys for all fuel types​Solutions for all fuel types

Creating a well-functioning and properly sized heating systems, including proper choice of the chimney system, is the most important thing in terms of safety and building savings funds for heating. Since Leier chimney systems are suitable for any kind of fuel, and various types of appliances, each customer finds a suitable chimney system for its construction. On the range Leier are 4 basic one-vent chimney systems that fully meet the requirements of today's construction. In a case of two-vents chimneys are possible combinations of all types of chimneys Leier for any kind of fuel.

Refractory flue liners HART for chimneys LeierCorrosion resistance and aggressive acids

Inside the chimney Leier consists of refractory lining renowned German manufacturer HART ceramics. In accordance with German traditions, these refractory liners have superior quality and durability. Fireclay as the material has excellent storage properties and good resistance to burn, is able to withstand long-term high temperatures. Chimney systems Leier are made of materials that guarantee carefree use, safety at the chimney soot and corrosion resistance even aggressive acids.

Natural materialsMade of natural materials

The basic material of circuit blocks is blended from natural ingredients that provide low weight while keeping the required strength. Adding to the expanded clay blocks with improved thermal insulation properties of the product.

Simple and quick installation of chimney system​Simple and quick installation

Installation of the chimney system Leier is simple and inexpensive. Chimney parts are designed to be mutually compatible. Chimney circuit blocks are 33 cm high, ie. on the meter of chimney you need three blocks. Saving assembly facilitates detailed illustrated installation instructions.

33 years warranty Warranty

Leier chimney systems are made of materials guaranteeing the safety of their operations. For all types of chimney systems provided by Leier 33-year warranty when installing a certified firm. The actual life of the chimney, however, exceeds twice the warranty period.

Ventilation shaft for Leier chimneysVentilation shaft

Leier chimney systems with ventilation shaft include an opening for creating a chimney vent and an installation opening which can be used for mounting various installation duct (material which must withstand temperatures of min. 70 ° C) or may be used for venting the interior of the building.


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