Soil and substrates Leier

After years of experience with high-class soil production, in 2005 Leier company built in Jánosházi in Hungary one of the most modern and largest factories in Central Europe.

Selected natural materials used in the manufacture of soil come from carefully controlled Hungarian and Lithuanian peat fields. Product range includes floral substrates, mulch and special soil for graves treatment. Process controls guarantees exceptionally good quality of Leier products.

Soil and substrates Leier

Flowers substrat

Flower substrate Leier is a balanced mix of light and dark peat, clay mineral and organic compost. Throughout the growth of plants provides optimal absorbable biological fertilizer and ensures the supply of nutrients, which is necessary particularly when grown in pots.

Flower substrate Leier is designed for domestic use and for professional gardeners. It is especially suitable for plants grown in pots on a balcony in the apartment as well as a garden soil in growing vegetables and plants with increased demands on the supply of nutrients.

Since substrate quality is one of the most important components to grow quality crops and pretty flowers, there are used only pure natural ingredients from carefully controlled peat fields for the production of Leier flower substrate.


Mulčovací kůraLeier mulch is made from processed scrap wood of conifers (spruce, fir, pine). It is used in ornamental gardens, flower beds, around trees, shrubs and hedges.

In addition to their decorative function of covering the soil surface, it also prevents growing of weed and reduces evaporation of water, so the soil is kept moist, and reduces the need for frequent watering, while laying in steep terrain prevents soil erosion. Leier bark mulch prevents deep freezing of the soil and protects the ornamental shrubs and trees from freezing. During the creation of gardens greatly increases chance for plants growing by preventing the roots from drying out.

Mulch Leier is a purely natural product, is a fully biodegradable biological material and is a source of future humus, thus promoting nutrients and increases the resistance of plants. Is layed in 4-6 cm thickness, thereby assuring its full functionality. Fraction size is to 50 mm, laying can be performed all the year round.



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