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Our company was founded in 1993 by the current executive director and in 1997 was engaged in the sale of imported goods from the countries of Eastern Europe. Since mid-1997, when Moravia was hit by flooding and caused a lot of damage, we focused on building materials.


We represented a production company Durisol in selling cement boards with thermal insulation. These boards are used for the construction of external and interior walls of houses and other buildings, including the ceiling elements. In 2004 we became an authorized dealer of production company Morfico and also company Velox.

LeierSince 2013, after the establishment of Ltd. company, we have become a business partner and importer of international group Leier. We focus primarily on Leier chimney systems, roofing Leier and garden substrates Leier. During the course of 2013, we expect to extending the range.

Leier company

Leier InternationalHistory of Leier company dates back to 1965 when the company founder, Mr. Michael Leier, put in the Austrian town Horitschon the cornerstone of its business. Since 1970, its main areas of activity becomes production of concrete products and in the 80s Leier expands its business on the international market. Today the company headquarter is located in Horitschon and the company continues to expand throughout Europe. Currently the company employs 2,000 associates and Leier has 30 offices in Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Croatia and the Slovak Republic.

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We are finding new partners for foreign projects

6.2.2015 We are currently looking for potential partners for international projects and business. If you are interested in cooperation in the construction industry, do not hesitate to contact us. More >