Durisol blocks

Durisol blocks combine all the advantages offered by wood and concrete. This building system has excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics and excels in a heat accumulation. It also has a high resistance to weathering.


Ceiling constructions

We offer ecological and natural building system VELOX suitable not only for the construction of houses and apartment buildings, but also for the construction of residential buildings. It's a piece of nature in the house. You build quickly, cheaply, and with almost no waste. And with ordinary skills in the construction works.

Noise barrier walls

Noise barrier blocks

One of the suitable solutions for the realization of noise barriers is the use cement pipe fittings and absorbers. Different types of fittings allow you to make noise barriers one-side or both sides absorbing.


Construction elements DINO

Reinforced concrete structural elements

Elements can be used for example for parking, bleachers sports fields, a covered outdoor stage, stops, markets, storage sheds and others.


Chimney systems Leier

Creating a well-functioning and properly sized heating systems, including proper choice of the chimney, is the most important thing in the safety of the building and savings in heating.


Roof covering Leier

Character of every building is aesthetically completed by roofing covering, which in addition to the protective function largely enhances the individuality of the building. Concrete roof tile is currently the most commonly used roofing.


Soil and substrates Leier

After years of experience with high-class soil production, in 2005 Leier company built in Jánosházi in Hungary one of the most modern and largest factories in Central Europe.


We are finding new partners for foreign projects

6.2.2015 We are currently looking for potential partners for international projects and business. If you are interested in cooperation in the construction industry, do not hesitate to contact us. More >